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Jay Yu – President & CEO

Mr. Yu has advised hundreds of private and public company executives with corporate advisory services such as capital funding, mergers & acquisitions, structured financing, IPO financing and branding, expert market analysis, commodities trading and other business development services geared at taking these companies to the next level. He is a self taught and private self investor, his relentless passion for international business has helped him develop key, strategic and valuable relationships throughout the world.

Mr. Yu’s unconventional and unlikely journey from humble beginnings as a “sweatshop baby”, brings strong work ethics as well as different perspectives to corporate and business growth strategies. Previously, Mr. Yu worked as an Analyst part of the Corporate & Investment Banking Division at Deutsche Bank on Wall Street in New York City.

Mr. Yu continued his studies at Columbia University & New York University. He holds a BA in Psychology from City College of New York, completion of core classes from Borough of Manhattan Community College and has taken specialty courses in various New York City Colleges. He is also a proud member of Nu Alpha Phi, where he helps mentor college students and new graduates. Aside from being a deal junkie, he is an active Philanthropist and the founder of a Non-Profit Organization that helps nurture New York City kids through sports and education. Mr. Yu is responsible for all of Financial Ventures Group’s investments, executive decisions and executive level talks.