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Financial Ventures Group (FVG) serves corporations around the world through capital infusion for bridge, growth, and acquisition strategies. FVG is structured by business professionals with extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of the financial arena to better serve your business. We customized our services to each client, which allows them to maximize their potential opportunities. Our consulting services are outlined to be primarily a trusted advisor for business development, strategy, and corporate structuring.

Why Go Public?

The definition of “going public” is the process of registering a company’s shares of stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission and offering the stock for sale to the public. Going public is attractive to many emerging companies because it allows businesses to use its stock as currency to finance acquisitions and procurements. Once a company is publicly listed, capital is essentially much easier to raise as investors now have a clearly defined exit strategy. In perspective, insiders can create significant wealth if their business performs successfully.

Main Advantages of Going Public:

  • Access to Capital
  • Liquidity
  • Compensation
  • Prestige
  • Publicity
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Exit Strategies

FVG has numerous firms whom can assist with all 15c211 reporting, S1 filing, and other initial public offering (IPO) services.

Additional Advantages:

  • Higher share price and thus higher company valuation
  • Greater access to the capital markets through the possibility of a future stock offering
  • The ability of the company to make acquisitions of other companies using the company’s stock
  • The ability to use stock incentive plans to attract and retain key employees

Dual & Secondary Listing

A secondary listing is used to refer to a single company having stock listings on more than one stock exchange. The shares of each exchange are all in the same company were the company’s primary listing is on a stock exchange in its country of incorporation, and its secondary listing is on an exchange in another country. FVG can also aid all publicly trading companies to be dual listed on North American exchanges and on European as well as Asian markets.

Reason for Cross Listing of Shares:

  • Enables a company’s shares to be more accessible to global investors whose access would otherwise be restricted because of international investment barriers.
  • Has been a steady growing requirement for major corporations because of favorable tax consequences in the secondary listed region.
  • Usually common for companies that started out in a small market grow into a larger market