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Corporate Advisory & Consulting

FVG believes strongly in the power of effective communication and real world connections

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Venture With Us

Long standing associations with numerous domestic and international firms

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Investing Seed Capital

and providing business incubation

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Helping, Advising and Investing Into Successful Businesses Since 2011

Financial Ventures Group is a consortium of successful business leaders that caters to the needs of your company or deal; Strategic Consulting – Business Development Plans – Investment Banking – Structured Financing – Venture Capital – Private Equity – Public Equity – Expert Market Advisory – eCommerce – Import/Export – Food & Beverage Industry – Precious Metals – Clean Energy – Technology – Real Estate

Venture with Us!

Capital is necessary for any small businesses or startup firms. Venture capital funds are provided to companies, mostly during their infant stages,…

Private Equity

FVG advises corporations around the world with introductions to investment banks, licensed broker, family home offices and more for bridge funding, growth and acquisition strategies…

Public Equity

FVG serves corporations around the world acquire capital infusion for bridge, growth and acquisition strategies…


With their goal set on stimulating emerging markets and economics, FVG embarked on their journey into
the commodities market…

Making an Impact Across the Globe

FVG introduces your company to a network of market participants, which ranges from, advertising, brand development, public relations, and specialty capital funds to institutional banks. At the same time, we link your company to the proper research analysts to help with your expanding needs. Tell your story in front of market leaders with a proven record of success. Setting up high level executive meetings and roadshows provide an effective way of communication and plays a key role in building credible visibility to your company.

A Leader in the Industry

FVG includes business incubation, which is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development. 

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For any inquiries please contact us at:

14 Wall Street 20th Floor New York, NY 10005

(212) 328-1165.


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