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About Financial Ventures Group
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Financial Ventures Group (FVG) provides corporate advisory services, strategic consulting, and business incubation while investing seed capital into start-ups either in private or public sectors.

FVG includes business incubation, which is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development. With offices on Wall Street FVG is well positioned on an international level as a true boutique and international firm with real world business relationships.

FVG provides business advisory services such as capital funding, commodities trading, expert market analysis, brand development and other business services geared at taking these companies to the next level. FVG is a turnkey solution for your business by bringing together a consortium of investors, entrepreneurs and successful business leaders under one roof for greater innovation.

FVG has also developed long standing associations with numerous domestic and international firms. We have a deep understanding of the marketplace and the strategies that are geared towards providing increased visibility through credible channels. Our services vary depending on what market needs our clients require. We have an array of ways to help brand and raise the profile of your company in the proper sector.

FVG believes strongly in the power of effective communication and real world connections. We have built strong relationships among various industry leaders in the start-up, venture capital, investment community, private and public equity arena. These relationships help us pinpoint the best firms to strategically associate your company with.

FVG introduces your company to a network of market participants, which ranges from, advertising, brand development, public relations, and specialty capital funds to institutional banks. At the same time, we link your company to the proper research analysts to help with your expanding needs. Tell your story in front of market leaders with a proven record of success. Setting up high level executive meetings and roadshows provide an effective way of communication and plays a key role in building credible visibility to your company.

Strategic Consulting, Advisory Services & Business Incubation

FVG Advisory Services are designed to be a total comprehensive solution that is necessary to complete a successful business development plan for emerging growth companies.

Seed Capital

Commodities Trading

Private Equity

Business Development Plans

Introductions to leading market participants

Public and Investor Relations

Business Incubation

Corporate Governance

Public Equity

Strategic Consulting

Structured Financings

Shareholder Communications

Financing Strategies

Board Composition


Venture Capital

Capital Markets Advisory

Introduction to financial institutions and analysts